12 Inch Chime Elite Queen Adjustable Base with Mattress

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Memory foam mattresses are a hot trend for good reason—but for some they simply get a bit too toasty for comfort. Rest easy. This queen memory foam mattress has you covered with the cradling feel you love and temperature regulation you crave. The mattress’s soothing memory foam contours to your body, while a thick layer of firm support foam provides wonderful pressure point relief. And how’s this for cool: thanks to dual ventilation technology, you get a more breathable memory foam mattress that’s topped with a micro cool technology cover to keep you that much more comfortable. The queen power base offers adjustable head and foot positioning. Raise your legs to increase blood circulation and relieve pressure on your lower back. Raise your upper body and sit up in bed for better breathing, essential for those who snore or experience acid reflux. Two USB ports are available for connecting electronics—what a plus for convenience.

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Weight 175.43 lbs
Dimensions 79 × 59 × 15 in


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